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Mobile Result is a small enterprenurial marketing and business development company. Our competitiveness is based on solid marketing, business development, mobile and wireless know how and on services and projects connected to those.


Mobile Result's business is divided in two sections: Market entry services and Market development services.  Mobile Result's clients are comprised of mobile operators, service providers, as well as telecommunications, electronics industry, information technology and international product vendor corporations. 


The management of Mobile Result has a background in engineering, sales and marketing with leading operators and hardware vendors. Our personal experience include: over 7 years experience with operator Vodafone (business development) and over 10 years experience with hardware suppliers (Philips business development).


We offer over 30 years experience in this market segment.  We have a wireless trackrecord working with vendors like Cisco, IBM, Ericsson, Fusion One, Ram mobile data, Azaire Networks, Versatel, Philips, Orange, Vodafone and Golden bytes.



Mobile Result is an active member of the Telecom Society (Tsoc) and Fenit.



bullet Vision


bullet Mobile Result focuses on creating a faster method of building a customer footprint for mobile and wireless ICT products and services vendors. We believe that this footprint is the basis of any success.


bullet Our vision is that we can introduce vendors faster with Dutch business customers and for much lower costs and with a higher success rate. Mobile Result also enables the vendors to receive fast and direct feedback about the market, business friendly users (customers) experiences and the product acceptance. 





bullet The traditional value chain starts with a global vendor who has developed a product. A local office has to be build or the right agent has to be selected to sell the product locally. This traditional value chain takes a long time to market since it takes time to build an organization and get sales started. This requires general expenses before anything happens in the market. 


bullet We believe this traditional strategy could be an option for a long term strategy (>7 years) but not successful for products with a short lifecycle.



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