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Launching new innovative mobile and wireless ICT products in the Dutch business market in a more effective way


The developments in the world of mobile and wireless data are turbulent. UMTS was introduced in the Dutch market in 2004 and sales of UMTS data have exceeded GPRS data in only 6 months.  With over 500 live public wifi hotspots the question is when these will be integrated in mobile. Windows of opportunity are opening. Time to market is the major competitive factor for mobile and wireless vendors. How can your company capture the business opportunities in the Dutch business market faster and more effective? 

Mobile Result is a marketing and business development agency in the Netherlands. We realize turnover by developing go to market marketing- and sales strategies with mobile and wireless ICT vendors to build their first customer footprint (1-3 customers) fast or expand there existing presence in the business market.


New entrants we offer dedicated market entry services to enter the business market fast, create a customer footprint and become visible, clearly positioned and established. Established enterprises we offer market development services to expand into new marketsegments or launch new products fast. 


We have worked with companies in the mobile (gsm, gprs, umts) and wireless (wifi) sector for many years developing track record and understanding the key factors for success. Our practical experience provides us with contacts in ICT Netherlands and speed in the go to market


    Mobile Result's Services

Mobile Result offers the following services:


Market Feasibility Scan: This provides clients with an overview of potential demand and market segments in two weeks;

Go to market plan: Based on a product and market mapping, we develop go to market models and action plans for roll out in between four to six weeks.

Business Friendly Customer (1-3) trials: We can offer the first customer trials as a turn key project with 1-3 customer implementations.

Distribution scan; based on a distribution long list segmented in mobile operators/IT distributors/telecom distributors/WISP's/ISP's with grading we can come to a short list for sales, implementation or distribution partners.    

Prepaid card: (8/24/40 hours) of dedicated hours for advice,  strategic support, business support, sales support or marketing support.


More in depth information on our services page


We base our services on extensive ICT adoptation research of the Ministery of Economic Affairs and International Data Corporation. Our services are in line with marketing frameworks of the Chasm group (cross the chasm, inside the Tornado) tailored for the Dutch market.


We at Mobile Result offers marketing solutions in capturing business opportunities more effective, fast, with more quality, foundation, visibility and for overall less costs.   






Mobile Result is specialized in launching new innovative mobile and wireless ICT products based on a marketing approach. 


Knowledge area's
Our experience and knowledge covers:

Technology like:
Mobile Networks, middleware, mobile applications, bearers GSM, GPRS, UMTS, VPN, SMS, Wifi, Networks, VOIP, SIP, IP-sec, Authentication,etc. 


Business Marketing: feasibility studies, segment marketing, product marketing,  business development.


Some of our current and recent projects:

IT vendor: go to market plan to mobile operators

Vendor Wifi: go to market strategy converging wifi with mobile operators

Vendor VOIP: go to market strategy in the SME market

Operator: UMTS business friendly customer trails

MVNO: mobile entry strategy in the business market


In depth

Our prepaid card

Our service to startups or clients who like a number of dedicated hours for advice, business development, marketing or technology.


Our prepaid entry kaart is 8 hours. Per hour advice.  


With new client's we invest 3 hours before the start of the prepaid card understanding  the client's propositions to the market. More information:



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